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Electronic Explorations started in November 2007 by Rob Booth.

At that time there was a definite niche. Only a handful of people were producing radio shows that covered the wider spectrum of electronic music on a weekly basis. The site started as a reaction to that and the lack of downloadable podcasts available on the internet that were playing the kind of music that this site has grown to encompass and champion.

Having spent a lot of his time archiving specialist late night radio shows purely to further his own knowledge, Rob indulged himself and started making his own show and uploading it to the internet. Within 6 months labels and promotion agencies like Planet Mu, Hyperdub, Hotflush, Hessle Audio, Ostgut Ton, Ninja Tune and Tectonic had all started taking notice and began using Electronic Explorations as a vehicle to promote their music. Since then the site has featured a plethora of electronic musicians, producers and DJs helping to introduce artists like James Blake, Mount Kimbie, FaltyDL, Ramadanman/Pearson Sound, 2562 and Cosmin TRG to the world.

SoundCloud is by far the best way to submit music for the show however you can send physical copies to:
Rob Booth, 12 Greenhill Rents, London, EC1M 6BN.


Short history  !!!

Early 90’s, fascinated by Kraftwerk and seminal electronic acts such as Dave ClarkeBasic ChannelUnderground ResistanceLeftfield and The Advent.

Booth began to explore the world of techno music, and in particular ‘Detroit’ and also the ‘Birmingham’ Techno sound. Underground Resistance, Metroplex, Jeff Mill’s Axis imprint, Drexciya, Dopplereffekt, Aux 88, LFO, Transmat & Submerge Recordings, as well as UK rising star Dave Clarke, whose DJ sets were incredible, the selection of electro and techno was nothing short of breathtaking.

By 1995 Booth’s personal music collection was outstripping the size of his bedroom. The world-famous Q-Club in Birmingham, UK, became Rob’s home from home as the monthly Atomic-Jam and also the seminal club night H.O.G. ignited his love for nightclub culture, these two now legendary venue’s playing host to artists such as Surgeon, Regis, Female, Sirreal, Dave Clarke, Oliver Ho, James Ruskin, Holy Ghost and Jeff Mills.

Let the music do the talking…

Then, one night in 1997, everything turned on its head. A late night/early morning radio show began on Radio 1, known simply as the ‘Breezeblock’ and hosted by a forward-thinking, enthusiastic and driven young lady named Mary Anne Hobbs. You could say the rest is history.

Over the next 30 months Rob stayed up each and every week recording and playing back the shows, discovering new types of music, clubs and scenes that shaped his musical tastes and cemented his love of all things electronic. After graduating in Music Business Management & Marketing, Rob gained experience at ‘Good Looking Records’ (LTJ Bukem’s record label). On a whim, Rob decided to email Mary Anne Hobbs, and soon after he and Mary were in regular contact. Work @ somethin-else productions soon followed and Rob got the opportunity to learn first-hand what it took to make the radio show that he’d followed so religiously for all those years.

Now the time has come for Rob to go a step further and start his own show. Electronic Explorations is a Download / Podcast show which promises totally exclusive mixes from the cream of the electronic world; deviously crafted patchworks of carefully sewn rhythms, sonic contortions and delicate melodies – dubstep, UK Bass, techno and anything else that’s pushing the boundaries of electronic music.


“Rob has exquisite taste in all the abundant electronic fields, he’s helped push the message about my BBC Radio1 show for years and i’m delighted to see him in the driving seat himself, at last, all love and maximum respect.”

“Rob Booth is pure WIN incarnate. If anyone ever runs out of good music to listen to, Rob Booth immediately streams cutting edge beats to their ears by the power of thought alone”

“Rob’s constant support for genres and artists is simply amazing! always pushing and promoting new quality releases makes Electronic Explorations a show to trust blindly when it comes to good music! thanks Rob!”

“Electronic Explorations really fills the gap left by current commercial radio. An impeccable selection of showcases from truly interesting artists both new and old cherry picked by Rob Booth, someone with a true understanding of electronic music across the board. The list of guests on previous shows speaks for themselves”

“Rob Booth is totally devoted to sharing the music that he loves. His endless motivation and drive have catapulted Electronic Explorations to the top of the podcast game for exciting new music. Thank you Rob, for all that you have done for us personally, keep up the inspiring work”

“Regularly listenng to the Electronic Explorations podcast should be a top priority for every music lover out there. Rob Booth is, as Company Flow used to say, “independent as fuck” – so his picks, recommendations and mixes come straight from the heart, not from his e-mail inbox.”

“With the modern plethora of shite electronic music clogging the arteries of the internet and commercial DJ’s on adjective fuelled kudos missions, its surprising any talent survives. But it does. So with a sigh of relief I can type “Cheers Rob”

“For me, Rob is a talented, experienced artist who creates a platform for awesome music to be shared and experienced.  It is free and available for anybody with the desire to be part of a unique independent music culture.  This is why I choose to mix exclusively for Electronic Explorations and all it’s listeners.”

“To me Rob’s in the vein of a Simon Reynolds or Phil Sherburne, someone who’s quick and discerning and has an enormous appetite to listen and a huge drive to share what he hears, but critical perspective in place to pass on to the world only the most innovative and interesting artists and tracks.”

“Rob is your first stop for new Electronic music, your secret source, by the time it hits big radio you can bet Rob’s already breaking the next movement. Essential listening!”

“Rob Booth has for years consistently pushed great music on his podcast. Intuitively catching on to whatever he feels is good then exhaustively researching it, his taste is fresh, diverse and uncompromising. Electronic Explorations is one of the few sources holding the torch for decent experimental music.”

“While commercial radio continues to churn out predictable payola playlists, and many internet blogs remain unreliable and inconsistent, for genuine independent electronic music lovers there are very few reliable places left to turn. Rob and his EE show represents the best of a dying breed. Massive props.”