NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“This one just came together quite naturally – I just pulled tracks as I went along. This explains why there are a few artists featured twice. I’d usually try and avoid that, but I was just caught in a particular vibe and these selections took it where I wanted to go. A few of the tracks were promos I’d just been sent, that I hadn’t played before, or even listened to properly, like the Antigone track, or the Surgeon remix of Pev & Kowton. That one probably took it off in a harder direction than I might have planned, but I just went with it” – Nick Craddock

Nick Craddock is a DJ, first and foremost, and has been active as such since the late 90s. Moving to London in 2000, he immersed himself in the club scene, taking a job as a music PR for labels such as Tresor, Force Inc and Mille Plateaux. As his DJ profile developed, he scored early gigs at Plastic People and Fabric and guested at many of the capital’s second tier of club venues. Nick held a number of residencies throughout the 2000s but, most significantly, connected with Lakuti and Portable’s Süd Electronic parties in 2003 and joined them as resident DJ; remaining a regular fixture at their parties until the demise of Süd in November 2011, featuring on their farewell show on NTS radio alongside Lakuti, Portable and Tama Sumo.

Public praise and high profile namechecks from respected jocks such as Tama Sumo and Ben UFO has brought increased attention of late, and the term ‘DJ’s DJ’ has been used more than once. Convenient marketing brackets aside, Nick prefers just to consider himself someone who DJ’s for the love of it, without feeling the need to dabble in production for promotional gain. He has concentrated on following his own musical tastes, believing that presenting a personal and unique selection is the defining role of a DJ.

A summary of recent activity includes a 2013 residency for a run of Don’t Be Afraid parties in London, regular slots on NTS radio, a well-received appearance on the Hessle Audio show on Rinse FM, a cover show for Numbers on Rinse (with Bake), a handful of dates in Berlin, guest slots at Rhythm Section, Hush House in Leeds, Plex at Corsica Studios and a triumphant B2B2B session with Ben UFO and Tama Sumo for Black Atlantic at Village Underground.

Technically, he comes from a tradition of vinyl DJing, and is as adept at quick cuts and spinbacks as smooth blends and long mixes – the vast wealth of recorded sets to be found online pay testament to this wide range of styles and ability.

Nick plays @ Rhythm Section in Peckham on 4th July, with Bake and Bradley Zero.



  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 322 - Nick Craddock
  2. ________________________________________________
  3. 01. Drexciya 'Davey Jones' Locker' (Intro) [React]
  4. 02. Gardland 'Ode To Ode' [Rvng Intl.]
  5. 03. Efdemin 'Some Kind Of Up And Down Yes' [Dial]
  6. 04. Prince Of Denmark 'Nymphonic' [Forum]
  7. 05. Joey Anderson 'Sorcery' [Dekmantel]
  8. 06. Bluntman Deejay 'Esoteric Communion' [All Caps]
  9. 07. Function 'Inter' [Sandwell District]
  10. 08. Tadeo 'Presence' [Alpha Signal]
  11. 09. Marco Shuttle 'Sing Like A Bird (PVH Remix)' [Time To Express]
  12. 10. Antigone 'The Purple Testament' [Indigo Aera]
  13. 11. Function 'Gradient I' [Ostgut Ton]
  14. 12. Efdemin 'Transducer' [Dial]
  15. 13. Frozen Border 'Frozen Border 06 - B' [Frozen Border]
  16. 14. Pev & Kowton 'Raw Code' (Surgeon remix) [Livity Sound]
  17. 15. Ben Buitendijk 'Colourblind' [Field]
  18. 16. L.B. Dub Corp 'Take A Ride feat. Benjamin Zephaniah' [Ostgut Ton]
  19. 17. Prince Of Denmark 'Cut 02' [Forum]
  20. 18. Gardland 'Nothing But Not Zero' [Rvng Intl.]
  21. 19. Donato Dozzy/Bee Mask 'Vaporware 07' [Spectrum Spools]